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Proposal Dave

To inquire about private or group lessons, call, text, or email Dave directly.



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Playing Lesson

Playing lessons are typically two hours but can be 1.5 hours or up to 3 hours: 3 or four players plus Dave. Dave will focus first on on asking questions and watching play to reach a clear understanding of each player, and then in between games throughout the playing lesson go into whatever custom coaching with recommended personalized drilling is needed. This is a fully custom playing lesson, not a structured group lesson. Dave will demonstrate with his play how and why what he teaches can be so effective.

Focuses: technique, shot-making decisions, individual team and tournament strategy, getting a few hours of court time playing with and against Dave.

Appropriate for all skill levels, beginner to 5.0.

Private Lesson

Assessment, drill challenges, discover optimal improvement-plan and work on target areas, skinny singles battles. Or, bring a friend and work on dinking as a team, moving into the kitchen as a team, team shifting, team stacking, and tournament strategy.

appropriate for all skill levels, beginner to 5.0

Skinny singles, play the pro

Appropriate for all skill levels, but, particularly useful for 4.0 and especially 4.5-5.0 skill levels.

Particularly for higher skill level players where it's harder to make big jumps in improvement, one of the fastest way to improve is to play against someone better or much better than you.

Play games handicapped with score, or, win one game without a handicap and get your entire lesson free.


Appropriate for a group of 3 + Dave or 7-8 + Dave.

Get the list of the best pickleball drills for your level. Dave rotates around to give each player one-on-one time with whichever drills are most relevant to them.

~8 player lesson

8 Player Lessons are also available...

-Standard beginner classes
-Advanced beginner and intermediate groups of 8 who just want all of Dave's feedback based on their play can setup a lesson and Dave will watch and provide custom and overall feedback with some drilling and practice in between games.

Classes for players new to the sport are available (rules, technique, basic court positioning & strategy, basic shots).


Depending on driving distance, number of players, and driving distance, my hourly rate range is $80-$120.


Submit a video and receive the video back with time in between points cut out + audio coaching from Dave. Videos can be from recreational play, or, even better, send Dave tournament games to learn how to execute tournament strategy like a pro! For advice on recording video and instructions on submitting video please email proposaldave@proposalpickleball.com